"Simply structured tool for freelancers and small businesses"


Main Features:

  • Undoubtable job requirements
  • Transparent communication
  • Always see on which court is the ball
  • Trackable job progress
  • Easy to adapt to any kind of service


  • Free

  • 0.25 GB Data Storage
  • 25 MB Max File Size
  • 5 New monthly jobs
  • Private job types
  • Free
  • Basic

  • 2.5 GB Data Storage
  • 100 MB Max File Size
  • 20 New monthly jobs
  • Private job types
  • E-mail notifications
  • E-mail support
  • 14 USD/Month
  • Pro

  • 25 GB Data Storage
  • 500 MB Max File Size
  • 60 New monthly jobs
  • Private job types
  • E-mail notifications
  • E-mail support
  • Adaptive deadlines
  • 28 USD/Month
  • VIP - White Label

  • 250 GB Data Storage
  • 2500 MB Max File Size
  • New monthly jobs
  • Private job types
  • E-mail notifications
  • E-mail support
  • Adaptive deadlines
  • Priority support
  • Custom domain
  • 198 USD/Month


All production in one place

I got client! Now what? iGotClient is designed to overlay full production’s workflow starting from requirements till finished job. It’s not e-mail, chat or FTP server. It is an all-in-one tool to improve your workflow and let you work much faster.


Requirement forms

Every job has requirements from client. iGotClient allows you to use predefined or your own defined requirement forms, being sure, that you and your client are always talking about one and the same thing.


Personal communication platform

It’s typical to use e-mail, Skype, mobile phone, Viber and meetings to communicate. iGotClient allows to mark the most important details regarding your job in exact’s job chat. If message is important, just add it to job’s communication flow.


Deliveries and approvals

Exchange your versions, comment them and accept them right at the requirements for your job. No more need to search - where and how to deliver it. There are requirements and at the same place - delivered versions.



It’s crucial to get notified when anything important happens. iGotClient notifies you whenever you receive some question, new version is uploaded or status for job changes.


Clear responsibilities

Avoid situations, when you and clients wait each on other. With iGotClient you will always clearly know on which side is the ball and who has to act now to move job further.


Save time, save money

Production systems allow large and medium size companies to save up to 80% of their time. Usually they are huge, clumsy and expensive. iGotClient tackles this issue offering an affordable solution for freelancers and enterprises.


Smart deadlines *coming soon

Smart deadlines are automatically adapted in cases when client doesn't provide requirements in time!



You can reach us by writing to info@igotclient.com or just use the form below: